Statement from the Knight Chairs in Journalism to UNC’s Board of Trustees

  • John Affleck, Knight Chair in Sports Journalism and Society, Penn State University
  • Rosental Alves, Knight Chair in International Journalism, University of Texas at Austin
  • Deborah Blum, director, Knight Science Journalism Fellowship program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair in Visual Journalism, University of Miami
  • Lynette Clemetson, director, Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists, University of Michigan
  • Sarah Cohen, Knight Chair in Data Journalism, Arizona State University
  • Aly Colón, Knight Professor of Media Ethics, Washington and Lee University
  • Eric Freedman, Knight Chair in Environmental Journalism, Michigan State University
  • Jeremy Gilbert, Knight Chair in Digital Media Strategy, Northwestern University
  • Mark Goodman, Knight Chair in Scholastic Journalism, Kent State University
  • Lindsay Grace, Knight Chair in Interactive Media, University of Miami
  • Francine L. Huff, Knight Chair for Student Achievement, Florida A&M University
  • Brant Houston, Knight Chair of Investigative Reporting, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,
  • Kathy Kiely, Lee Hills Chair in Free Press Studies, Missouri School of Journalism
  • Damon Kiesow, Knight Chair in Digital Editing and Producing, Missouri School of Journalism
  • Mindy McAdams, Knight Chair in Journalism Technologies and the Democratic Process, University of Florida
  • Michael Pollan, Knight Chair in Science and Technology Reporting, University of California, Berkeley
  • Dana Priest, Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism, University of Maryland
  • Sabriya Rice, Knight Chair of Health and Medical Journalism, University of Georgia
  • Jodi Upton, Knight Chair in Data and Explanatory Journalism, Syracuse University
  • Diane Winston, Knight Chair in Media and Religion, University of Southern California
  • Stephen Wolgast, Knight Chair in Audience and Community Engagement for News, University of Kansas



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Damon Kiesow

Damon Kiesow

Knight Chair in Digital Editing and Producing @mujschool. Formerly Director of Product @McClatchy Also: @BostonGlobe, @Poynter, @AOL, M.S. HFID @bentleyu